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Related article: peculiarly acute, best meets the case, but I give the Admiral's hint Buy Cyclophosphamide Online for what it Cyclophosphamide Price is worth. It was felt that the deck-cabin log-book should contain a record of this fish story, one sufficiently brief to admit of the making of suitable additions, imaginative and otherwise, by anyone calling attention to the entry. Students of Pickwick will remember that certain meat pies referred to by Mr. Sam Weller were very simply compounded in the first instance and were afterwards flavoured ** accordin' to fancy," and this seemed the proper course to pur- sue in this case. Hence the record took the following simple — very simple — shape : — A 6sh from a lady's line took Clean away both her bait and her hook, But a friend within call Caught that fish — hook and all. Who was dished, with his hopes, by the cook. Which it was ! What's more, he was actually eaten within an hour and a-half of the crowning act of the drama. Next day, being Sunday, till church time each one did as he listed, which meant watching the gulls, dodging the wasps, and feeling supremely happy and con- tented between whiles. One advantage of living aboard a yacht Purchase Cyclophosphamide is the change of view one gets, even when you are at anchor, without the trouble of shifting oneself. From the front window of any ordinary house you always find the same old view staring you in the face in the evening as was doing so in the morning, and this applies equally to the back of the domicile. But, when you con- template nature from the deck, you see a very different view in the evening to that which met your gaze in the earlier part of the day, 'cos why — the vessel has 4i8 BAILYS MAGAZINE. [DicniBi swung round with the tide in the meantime. This makes a very pleasant change, though it mysti- fied me a bit at first when I took people up from the saloon in the morning to show them something which I had seen from the fore part of the ship the previous evening, and found that it had gone round aft in the meantime. After church aboard, the family carriage, otherwise the cutter, was brought round to take us out to lunch with an old Eton and Cam- bridge chum of the Admiral's. We returned in time to welcome some guests at afternoon tea, and wound up by fulfilling a supper engagement ashore. From all which it may be inferred that stepping aboard a yacht is by no means equivalent to " going into retreat,*' so far as the outer world is concerned. The following afternoon we started for Portland, and when we were well out at sea I became possessed with the idea that I should like to navigate the yacht myself, if only for a few minutes, in order that I might ever after- wards say that I had done so. As the atmosphere was clear and there was nothing between us and the horizon, the moment seemed favourable for this; so I ap- proached the skipper with the remark that I presumed it was pretty easy to run the yacht in the open sea, as long as you knew which way you were going. He promptly took the hint, and gave place to me at the wheel, whilst the Admiral helped me with some directions as to the course to be steered, which involved too many intricate references to the points of the compass for me to take note of any of them. However, I grasped the main idea, viz., to keep my eye and a particular point of the compass on the lubber's line, which is easier said than done. In the five minutes dmiai which I controlled her movemcDis the vessel answered to thebehi in a most satisfactory way, zd we neither ran ashore nor collided Order Cyclophosphamide with any other craft, which Buy Cheap Cyclophosphamide vs not altogether surprising in view of the fact that there was no laad in sight nor vessel within bai Therefore, could I, at the finii confidently and poetically assic the skipper^s enquiry, " Hot goes the ship ? '* with " All rig^ sir, up till no^v — the stem, as usual, following the bow." A fine spectacle met our cy«s as, when twilight was falling, vt came in sight of Portland Break- water, for anchored within it vas the Channel Fleet, and \&j majestic these leviathans of the deep looked as we steamed through them. On deck after dinner we were entertained by the performaDoes of the band, which was weD within hearing, on board the Boscawen training-ship. It viS a bright starlight night, and the many lights on the men-of-war and the breakwater, with the more distant ones of Weymouth, further helped to illuminate tfe scene very effectively ; and ^ lingered in contemplation of it till the bugles sounded the last post. I was on deck next morning betimes, and at 8 a.m. saw the flags run up on the ships around, as well as on our own, to the accompaniment of the National Anthem by the Boscawen band- a very pretty method of saluting the Queen and the mom at one and the same time. Later on we beheld the fleet move out to sea in due form and order; and a grand sight it was, Purchase Cyclophosphamide Online as they ffl^ out of the breakwater with a ca/m dignity which was very imposing- After this some of us went ^ the cutter to see the Whitehead I9.] NOTES OF A YACHTING CRUISE BY A LANDSMAN. 419 Torpedo Works, Order Cyclophosphamide Online which are situated just beyond Weymouth, 'where a high official very kindly devoted a considerable time to showing us over a bewildering number of workshops, and to explaining all that it was ex- p>edient for us to know with respect to the manufacture of these weapons of marine warfare. They are, indeed, ** fearfully and wonderfully made," for the amount of machinery and the multiplicity of delicate Buy Cyclophosphamide adjust- ments to be found in their in- teriors passes all description by a non-practical man like myself. It seemed extraordinary that hundreds of skilled artisans should be constantly employed in turning out nothing else but these implements of destruction.